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A place for Pastors to receive:  REST | REVELATION | REJUVENATION

Executive Directors:  David and Maris Martinez

David, the Executive Director of the Burning Bush Ranch, possesses an extraordinary story brimming with unexpected twists and turns.  These experiences have played a pivotal role in shaping and equipping David for their current quest.

His family journey leads him and Maris to Arkansas, where one evening, fate intervenes, thrusting them into the role of permanent parents to their cherished children.  This life-altering experience necessitates a courageous decision to uproot and relocate to Texas.  After nearly a year of transition, they finally find a home in Texas, where David assumes the esteemed positions of Senior and Executive Pastor at Community Church, as well as Superintendent at Community Christian School in Orange, Texas.  Their dedication to ministry remains resolute and unwavering.

David’s unwavering dedication to serving others and his strong sense of purpose have given him a deep understanding of the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental challenges that pastors often encounter.  This profound insight led him to discover his true calling: to establish a haven tailored specifically for the needs of pastors.  A place where they can wholeheartedly detach from their responsibilities, unwind, and seek solace in the serene countryside.  This sanctuary offers pastors the opportunity to reconnect with nature, embrace the gift of solitude, and replenish their spirits in the divine presence of God.

David and Maris, married for 42 years, bring a wealth of experience and dedication to their ministry.  With David’s 37-year background in a Fortune 500 organization before retiring, their unique journey has shaped their vision and fueled their unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.  Now, they are creating a nurturing and transformative environment for all who visit, drawing on their inspiring journey to create a truly impactful experience.

Our Executive Team

Board of Directors

President:  Brady Martinez

Brady Martinez, a successful small business owner, rancher, and Industrial Safety Professional, boasts an impressive resume at 38.  Born to David and Maris Martinez, Brady has carved out a unique path for himself in the industry through his hard work and dedication.  With his diverse skill set and experience, Brady is a force to be reckoned with in the business and ranching worlds.

Vice-President:  Jarrette Hall

Jarrette’s passion for serving others started during his career in offshore drilling.  Although he has retired, his mission field continues to thrive.  Jarrette now devotes his time to the Burning Bush Ranch, where he can make a difference in the lives of others.  He is a devoted family man who enjoys traveling and cherishes his faith in The Lord.  As an elder at The Well McComb, Jarrette continues to lead and serve his community with unwavering dedication.

Treasurer:  Michael Bryan

Meet Michael Bryan, a dedicated Messianic Jewish Rabbi with an extensive background of over 28 years in pastoral leadership within the Messianic Jewish congregations.  With a genuine desire to bless others and advance the Kingdom of God, Michael’s heart is fully committed to his faith.  Having lived in Israel for nearly 5 years, he has developed a profound love for the country and its people.  When he’s not busy making a positive impact, Michael enjoys sailing, exploring the beautiful landscapes of Israel, and cherishing moments with his grandchildren.  His true passion lies in making disciples and equipping future leaders.  Embark on a remarkable faith journey alongside Michael and his wife, Patricia.


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