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A place for Pastors to receive:  REST | REVELATION | REJUVENATION


Thrilling Capital Campaign and Help Transform Lives!

Burning Bush Ranch is thrilled to announce our exciting capital campaign, and we invite you to join us in our efforts!  Our goal for this large-scale fundraiser is to raise $160,000.  With these funds, we aim to build a Church/Pavilion area for the property, enhance the water and irrigation systems for the cabins, construct a cover and dock for the pond area, and complete the structural and furnishings for the Ruby Lane and Quiver Full cabins.

We have made significant progress as an organization dedicated to providing Pastors with a place for REST | REVELATION | REJUVENATION.  However, much work still needs to be done, and we value your support.  Click here to show your support and join us in this important endeavor.  We greatly appreciate your consideration and thank you for your unwavering support.

Monthly Supporters

$25, $50, $100 a month!  Join our community of sustainable monthly donors today and make a difference with your contribution. Your support goes a long way in advancing our cause and empowering our mission.

Support A Pastor's Visit

Make a $75 contribution to provide a Pastor’s Retreat Package, allowing the Pastor to enjoy a rejuvenating 3-day/2-night stay designed to help pastors rest, reduce stress and anxiety, and foster a deeper sense of peace and clarity.

Support Ruby Lane Project

We are approaching halfway in our fundraising efforts for the Ruby Lane Cabin.  Only $45,000 more is needed to complete the work successfully.  Once finished, we will be able to welcome another group of guests at the Ranch. 

Support Quiver Full Project

Introducing the Quiver Full Cabin, our third bungalow designed exclusively for Pastors seeking a tranquil retreat to unwind and rejuvenate.  Construction is underway with an estimated budget of $80,000, and we are now seeking your support to complete this project.  Your generous contribution can make a significant difference in making this safe haven a reality.  Join us in supporting this worthy cause and help provide Pastors with the sanctuary they deserve.

Covered Dock Project

Experience the tranquility of the lake at the Burning Bush Ranch and indulge in a truly remarkable lakeside experience.  With a budget of $8,000, we are excited to introduce a beautiful covered dock that will enhance the lakeside atmosphere.  Whether you enjoy fishing or simply want to unwind while taking in the breathtaking views, our covered dock will provide the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.  Your support is invaluable to us; join us and be a part of creating an unforgettable lakeside experience.

Support Water System Project

As our capacity expands, our engineers have identified several water supply challenges that require our attention.  Challenges like issues shutdowns, corroded pipes, or insufficient water delivery from the main city supply are expected.  To proactively tackle these concerns, the Ranch needs to rework the existing water well.  This upgrade will ensure sufficient water pressure for our existing properties and meet the additional demands of the Ruby Lane and Quiver Full cabins.  With a budget of $6,000, your generous support can guarantee the necessary upgrade.

Support Project Pavilion

Discover the ideal destination for small Pastors or church group meetings – the Pavilion.  This enchanting open-air setting provides a peaceful atmosphere and is fully equipped with tables, chairs, and benches.  Although there are no current plans for appliances, the Pavilion is thoughtfully designed to comfortably host 15-20 people.  With a generous budget of $8000, our goal is to establish a dedicated space for meetings and gatherings.  We kindly request your support in bringing this project to life.  Together, we can create a remarkable Pavilion that caters to all your needs.



Consider supporting the Burning Bush Ranch by making a one-time or monthly donation.  We offer various partnership options for your convenience:

Make tax-deductible donations easily through the Burning Bush Ranch website at burningbushranch.org.  Click on the “Donate Now” tab at the top of the page and complete your donation via PayPal.

For tax-deductible donations, please make checks payable to Burning Bush Ranch and mail them to the following address:

Mail to:  Burning Bush Ranch
7601 HWY 24 and 48
Summit, MS. 39666

If you prefer not to claim a tax deduction, you have the option to send funds to us by check.  Please make the check payable to David Martinez.

Mail to:  David Martinez
7601 HWY 24 and 48
Summit, MS. 39666

To send funds to us conveniently, you can use PayPal through the Internet.  Send the payment to popsdmartin@yahoo.com, which is David’s account.  Be sure to select the ‘Send as a Friend’ option, as there will be no cost to you or us.

Thank you for your donation!  Along with a donation acknowledgment receipt, we extend our heartfelt gratitude.  May the Lord bless and watch over you, shining His face upon you and providing His grace.  May His favor be upon you, bringing you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)”


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Burning Bush Ranch is an approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization.